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Welcome to Joseph Rogers Primary

At Joseph Rogers Primary, we are committed to a continued focus on academic excellence, social-emotional supports, and positive behavior, where: 

Students:  Show readiness to learn and grow by setting and striving toward personal and school-wide goals each day.   Participate respectfully in a variety of cooperative groups in order to help themselves and others grow; and  Demonstrate academic and behavioral responsibility through their academic performance and personal actions. 

Teachers:  Build relationships with individual students and families and use trauma-informed strategies with all students;  Engage students in being active in their own learning through hands-on activities and project-based learning, ask appropriate and rigorous questions, and provide ongoing individual student feedback;  Hold students to high standards and assist students in creating and reaching personal learning goals appropriate to current academic level and state guidelines; and  Plan effectively with each other to strengthen grade-level planning and data-informed instruction.  Communicate with caregivers in a variety of modes in order to strengthen the parent-student-teacher relationship.   

The School:  Structures the schedule to allow for common planning for grade-level teachers, state required academic times, and student social-emotional support activities;  Creates a school-wide organization to promote connections and relationships with staff, students, caregivers, and community;   Follows a multi-tiered support system for academics and behavior, utilizing a positive behavior system; and   Requires ongoing grade-level work and bi-weekly productive professional learning community meetings in order to strengthen data-driven planning. 

 Caregivers and Community Members:  Show their involvement in the school and learning process by creating partnerships with teachers, participating in a variety of types of communication (phone, in-person, digital, paper), and demonstrating their ownership of their child’s education; and  Engage in school activities and language that promote a positive view of the school community and their child’s academic journey.   

Every student matters,  every moment counts!