Back to School Bash--Rogersville City Park--Pavillion 1

Tuesday, August 4th----from 6-8 p.m.

Come meet your teacher!! 

Joseph Rogers Primary School

K-2 Supply List



·          4-fold red and blue plastic covered   rest mat-no other types of mats.

·          Backpack--no wheels, larger size-big   enough for folders to go in and zip.

·          At least 10 glue sticks

·          Blunt edge children’s scissors

·          12 pencils

Only   write your child’s name on their mat, backpack, jacket and lunchbox. The supplies   will be used as part of a community supply within our classroom.


First Grade

·          Backpack—without wheels

·          At least 10 glue sticks

·          child size scissors

·          At least 20 pencils

·          2 boxes crayons

·          colored pencils

·          pencil/crayon box

·          3 ring binder (1 inch wide)

·          3 folders with prongs (2 red and 1   yellow)

·          clipboard

·          erasers

·          black and white marbled composition   book (not spiral bound)


Second Grade

·          Backpack--without wheels

·          At least 10 glue sticks

·          2 bottles liquid glue

·          child size scissors

·          At least 20 pencils

·          2 boxes crayons

·          pencil/crayon box

·          clipboard

·          erasers



The   following items are optional but greatly appreciated:

·          Box of tissues

·          Bottle of hand soap

·          Bottle of hand sanitizer

·          Disinfecting wipes

·          Paper towels

·          Any size zip-close bags

·          Dry erase markers

·          White lunch bags









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